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Our Business in Brief

Our Business in BriefSaudi Information Technology Co. Ltd. (S.I.T) started operating in 1986 with the vision of becoming one of the major players in the "OPEN SYSTEMS" market for software solutions in Saudi Arabia. It's primary mission is to lead and drive the market towards industry and de-facto standard solutions in the I.T industry via it's suite of carefully chosen software products like WRQ's Reflection and FTP Software.

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S.I.T's Human Resources

S.I.T invests in it's human assets to build up technical competencies which it uses as a product differentiator in the price-driven Saudi market. S.I.T pre-sales and post-sales support give much needed value addition to its software products.This leads customers to more rational purchasing decisions which are not based solely on the price. To enable this competetive edge, S.I.T.'s staff are given training plans which are alligned with S.I.T.'s plan/strategy. In the I.T. market, continous adaptation and dynamism in core I.I. competencies is the key to an organization's success.

S.I.T.'s Partners

In the last 10 years, S.I.T has developed close symbiotic relationships with other major players in the I.T. arena in Saudi Arabia. HP, IBM distributors in the kingdom have worked together with S.I.T. in integrating bundled solutions for their customers.

Data Communication equipment vendors in Saudi have also tied up with S.I.T. for their networking packages. Agents and representatives in the Network market distributing products of CISCO is  always more than eager to work with S.I.T and recommends it's products based on past successful projects.

S.I.T. products have been oftentimes reccommended in I.T. projects of Ernst & Young and Andersen Consulting.

Company Culture

Today, Saudi Information Technology has over 100 employees and the company retains an open spirit. Flexibility, team building, participation and individual responsibility are the corner stones of the company.

Commitment to Customers

The company's technical support consistently receives commendations from users from both its in-depth knowledge and its commitment to service. At Saudi Information Technology product support does not end with the sales, but support after sale is our goal.

Main Office

Main Office:
Saudi Information Technology
New Akkariyah Bldg. PAV3 RM: 5304
Sitteen St., Riyadh, KSA
Tel. No. 966-1-477-4555
Fax No. 966-1-478-1451
Email: sit@sit.com.sa

Branch Office

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